Student cheer! School discount [liberation] [drinking] 2 hours 2980 yen ♪

Student cheer! School discount [liberation] [drinking] 2 hours 2980 yen ♪

By using a coupon2980 yen

There is 3 hours 3580 yen ♪

Popular school discount course ♪ Please enjoy the Puno's all you can eat and drink as usual than usual! ※ Present your student ID at the time of accounting.


【Puno Recommended Menu】

Cheese fondue / Today's carpaccio / Homemade pickle platter

[For now]

Edamame / Broiled bacon / Mixed chicken raised / French fries (normal consommé spice) / Garlic toast / Assorted ham / Terrier


Punosalada / popular udon salad / Potasara chomoranma / pink color cold shabu salad

【Puno creative dish】

Fluffy Puno omelette / salmon and avocado tartar / grilled turtle ponzu and ponzu sauce / octopus fried anchovies sauce / 3 kinds of mushroom sauteed butter saute / no bouquet of rainbowl Akari / sanded oven / peppermint pepperonino style / Steamed clams and white clams of clams / Puno style tacos party / Tomato miso dip vegetables / Fried octopus fried chilima yose sauce / Cream cheese of wasabi and glue (with crackers)

【Popular pasta】

Seafood and Basil's Tomato Pasta / Tomato and Bacon's Peperoncino / Japanese Mushrooms and Oyabi Japanese Pasta / Large Leaves and Mentai Carbonara / Tuna Flavored Tomato Cream Pasta / Just a Spicy Meat Pasta

【Baked Pizza】

Bacon and Basil's Tomato Sauce Pizza / Seafood and Mentaiko's White Pizza / 5 Types Cheese Pizza / Tuna and Corn Mayopiza / Shrimp and Tomato Pizza / Garlic and Meat Sauce Pizza / Umeboshi Pizza

【Commitment gratin】

Shrimp and mentaiko's gratin / plenty cheese gratin / bacon and spinach gratin / udon gratin

[Rice thing]

Exquisite stiffness egg rice / fresh tomato risotto / thick cheese risotto / taco rice heater! / Japanese style risotto


Vanilla ice / green tea ice / lambne ice / cheesecake / chocolate cake

Coupon that can be used

  • Student cheer! School discount [liberation] [drinking] 2 hours 2980 yen & 3 hours 3580 yen ♪

    • Presentation conditions
      When ordering
    • Conditions of use

      Necessary reservation / other ticket service · Can not be used together / 2 people ~ / / ※ Present your student ID at the time of payment.

    • Expiration date
      Until the end of January 2018